WHat we do

Rolling Hops Beer Tours are designed to provide our guests with more than just a beer tour but a one of a kind craft beer experience! We are structured as a walking craft beer tour to fully experience the culture of these hidden gem neighborhoods in Toronto. As we walk through the streets you will experience historical highlights of the city’s origins, how it has changed and significant developments that pertain to the history of each area. As we visit each craft brewery along the way you will learn about the rich history of each brewer, their story, the beer they make and how they brew it. If you’re a big fan of craft beer or experiencing it for the first time, our tours will surely have something for you to enjoy. So come along with us on a historical craft beer adventure you will never forget!


Meet the guides

Rolling Hops Beer Tours is operated by Garrett Cannella and Andy Cameron. Garrett is an avid beer connoisseur who has devoted his personal life to his love of this particular frothy beverage. He has traveled the globe visiting breweries in three different continents to learn the subtle differences in international brewing cultures. Andy is a scholar of history who displays passion for the city of Toronto, especially in relation to it's history and connection to beer.